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SAP Business One

Small and Medium Enterprises generally use more than one software application for follow-up of day-to-day administrative tasks. Accounting, inventory management, billing, generation of quotes, order entry, procurement or sales follow-up, all very specific areas for which companies seek solutions. Often this results in one main application with additional software or custom solutions being developed in Access or Excel. Ultimately, these companies come to the conclusion that lots of data is being duplicated at the cost of efficiency and productivity.

In those cases, an ERP solution is recommended. ERP is the abbreviation for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, and accommodates almost all possible business processes in one central application. The interaction between these processes yields to structure and integrate data that is kept in one and the same database. Business transactions becomes less error prone while efficiency and productivity greatly enhances.

SAP Business One (SBO) is one of the best and easily affordable ERP solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) available in the global market.

Being the official Member of SAP Extended Business Program, CompuLogic Standard Solution offers the services of purchasing the licenses, complete implementation using ASAP methodology and consultancy of SAP Business One solution for Small and Medium Enterprises.